China Desk

With a focus on strategy and communication ARCANIS ANALYSTS advises German-speaking companies in their business activities in China. In doing so, ARCANIS ANALYSTS’ primary objective is to focus all activities on reaching the defined strategic and monetary targets of our principals.

Strategy and communication in China differ profoundly from Western European approaches. ARCANIS ANALYSTS combines the implementation of your objectives with the challenges of the Chinese business world. ARCANIS ANALYSTS has substantial experience in making business with Chinese companies and their owners. Furthermore we cooperate with a broad specialist network in China and Europe.

On your way to China, ARCANIS ANALYSTS supports you in the following areas:

  • Strategic conception of your market entry to China
    • Communication concept for Chinese joint venture partners and cooperating firms
    • Training of communication partners
  • Supervision of the meetings and conversations on-site and monitoring of the conversation results in China
  • Recruiting and preparation of the management board of the Chinese business, additional recruitment of the employees on executive level in China
  • Support in crisis situations in dealing with Chinese companies and entrepreneurs